Social interaction plays an important role in your recognition program.

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  • Identify social recognition shortcomings
  • Put social back into recognition
  • Understand why social recognition matters

Getting employee recognition and engagement right is critical for your organization

Learn how TharpeRobbins can help you:

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5 Recognition Trends for 2015

Layering the elements of the social, career, and performance tracks creates The Recognition Effect® — connecting recognition to the ultimate goal of increasing employee engagement and driving business results.

Delivering targeted recognition solutions that drive results

At TharpeRobbins, we believe in the power of recognition to drive organizational performance and excellence. We custom-build your program — using our proven process — to deliver on your organization’s needs and drive the outcomes you require to succeed.

Oct 18

HR Tech 2015

Las Vegas, NV

Length-of-service programs focus on the importance of an employee’s loyalty to the organization, whether that employee is in their fifth or 25th year. When an employment anniversary award is managed effectively, the award becomes an integral part of the overall effort to enhance employee engagement.

As employees-turned-brand-ambassadors, retirees are unique organizational representatives in the corporate community. They can spread the word about all that is right with your organization — or not. When a retirement award is managed effectively, the award becomes a source of joy and pride for years to come.

When the moment calls for something different, clients have the option to apply customization to elements of their recognition program, including presentation materials and packaging. Did you know that even the award itself can be crafted from the ground up? Because of our in-house manufacturing capabilities and global partnerships, our skilled team can take a blank slate — glass, metal, wood, crystal, fabric, or something else — and turn it into a unique and symbolic item for your organization.

Our innovative, flexible technology platform can support multiple safety initiatives. The Keepsafe reward and recognition solution is designed to inspire employees to protect themselves, their communities, and their employers from preventable workplace accidents and unsafe practices. The end result is fewer accidents, better insurance premiums, reduced absences, and improved morale and productivity.

Absolutely nothing is more powerful than having employees recognize one another for positive actions. By empowering employees to reward their peers for exceptional performance — whether it’s going the extra mile or helping without being asked — you reinforce positive behaviors that link back to your company’s mission, vision, and values.

eCards are an easy-to-use, informal element that can be added to any existing employee recognition program. They can be used to share professional congratulations, recognize a job well done, or show support. And eCards are flexible; they can be used anytime, anywhere, for any reason, for anyone in the organization.

On-the-spot recognition is performance recognition at its finest. Immediate. Spontaneous. Heartfelt. Successful spot recognition programs are linked to your business objectives, which are typically tied to your core mission, vision, and values. Awards can be used for immediate and instant recognition. Or used to reinforce long-term goals or desired behaviors within an organization.